Convair 880, Model 22 History

In April 1956, the Convair division of General Dynamics announced the production of a medium-range jet transport. It was first called the Convair Skylark, and then the Golden Arrow. It was later changed to the Convair 600 in reference to it's speed of 600 mph.

The speed of 600 mph is equal to 880 feet per second, which led to the final name of Convair 880. The aircraft cruised at around .87 mach, much faster than today's airliners. Of course the Concord is the fastest airliner ever built, but the 880 is the fastest built in the United States. It was originally powered by General Electric CJ-805-3 turbojet engines.

The Convair 880 model 22 first flew on January 27, 1959. The later model 22-m flew on October 3, 1960. It was powered by General Electric CJ-805-3B engines. It also had power-boosted rudder and four leading-edge slats. The first airline to fly the 880 was Delta Airlines in May of 1960.

The 880 has broken many speed records and still holds some today. Unfortunately, the 880 saw little sales success and only 65 were built. Some of the airlines that flew the 880 are shown below.

The last flight of an 880 was Ship 55(M) on 09/30/1993. There are only six Convair 880s surviving today, Scroggins Aviation, Inc. has 2 1/2 being the cockpit from Ship 3 making up the 1/2. Below is a list of the surviving CV-880s in the world. and Scroggins Aviation's mission is to bring the 880 back from extinction and ensure more history for this beautiful airplane. 

UPDATE: Ship 3 the Atlantic City, NC plane was scrapped on March 21, 2006. But not to worry the Cockpit was saved and sent to a museum in New Jersey, USA.

UPDATE: Ship 17 the CV880 freighter in Haiti appears to have been scrapped. Reports say the plane may have been scrapped two years ago.

Remaining Convair 880s still surviving in the world:

c/n 21 |  c/n 35 | c/n 38 | c/n 58

Remaining Convair 880 Cockpits surviving in the world:

c/n 1 | c/n 3 | c/n 23

The last of the major airlines stopped flying the 880 in 1974.

Alaska Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Delta Air Lines
Japan Airlines
Northeast Airlines
Swiss Air
TWA Trans World Airlines